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Enforcement of Existing Orders

Enforcement of Existing Orders Enforcement of existing orders Lawyers Asheville NC enforcement Hooks Law, P.C.

Enforcement of Existing Orders Attorney – Asheville, NC

Enforcement of an existing court order may sound simple, but it can be quite the opposite.  It is important to have a lawyer that is familiar with the local legal system and can assist to make sure your concerns are handled in an appropriate manner.  Very often a client has an order issued in another state, and the order needs to be registered and enforced in North Carolina.

Enforcing existing court orders can apply to child support/custodyalimonydomestic violence protective orders, and any others. If you feel as though the opposing party in your case if not upstanding their obligation to a court documented order, you may need someone to help.  Each party must do their duty to follow any agreement or court order. 

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