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Divorce can leave both parties devastated, both emotionally and financially. You will most likely be faced with some of the most difficult decisions you have ever encountered. It is incredibly trying to make important decisions with emotions clouding your judgment. An experienced and knowledgeable attorney is vital as you face the end of your marriage. I can help you to determine what the best possible course of action will be within the facts. Like many other states, North Carolina has unique laws that must be followed to ensure that everything is done in adherence to those laws.

For example, North Carolina law requires a couple to be separated for one year and maintain separate residences before they can file for absolute divorce. During this time, the parties can negotiate child custodychild support, and property division agreements.

To get the information that you need, please schedule an initial consultation today at my Asheville office. Contact Hooks Law, P.C., online or by calling 828-333-2630.

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I am Laura G. Hooks, an experienced attorney who maintains a thorough knowledge of North Carolina family law. I offer personalized, tailored strategies for Western North Carolina residents going through some of the worst times in their lives.

During your initial consultation at Hooks Law, P.C., I will spend time with you to gather the necessary information, identify the unique issues surrounding the relationship dissolution, and inventory assets and debt. From there, I will work on strategies to find an ideal resolution.

Some cases will inevitably go to trial. I recognize that mediation is an effective way to take control of the process and it can help to save money. However, I am an experienced family law litigator and will take the case to trial if necessary.

A Divorce Lawyer Dedicated To Protecting The Rights Of Buncombe County And Western North Carolina Residents

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